The MICHAEL DAVID GREENE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is endowed by a fund of the East Tennessee Foundation.
TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations may be given online:



OR send to:

Michael David Greene Scholarship Fund

East Tennessee Foundation

520 W Summit Hill Drive, #1101

Knoxville, Tennessee 37902


We gratefully acknowledge the following donors:

Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Corb

Mrs. and Mrs. John Corb

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Fogle

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton J. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lindsay

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Lane

Mr. Michael D. Lane

Ms. Loretta Murphree

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. Ray C. Pais

Mr. and Mrs. Dayakar Penumadu

St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church

Ms. Alison L. Tamburini

Mrs. Barbara L. Thomas